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Keep your mind sharp using these methods

Had you experience that “senior moment?” That moment when you saw a familiar face but couldn’t recognize the name. That moment when you have something to say but suddenly forgot it. Well, you are not alone. We all have that senior moment and the truth is age alone shouldn’t be the one to blame. Forgetfulness is a sign of cognitive decline and the good news is while you can’t do something about your age, you can do something about your mental health. 

You can significantly improve your mental health by simply following these ways:


  •         Eat foods rich in nutrients – it is important to eat foods rich in essential nutrients such as antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins. They boost up memory retention and improves overall mental health. Examples of foods good for the brain are animal meat, coconut oil, fish oil, and edible seeds.


  •         Meditation and exercise – Meditation is good for the brain. It relaxes the brain and muscles, which will surely improve the brain’s functions. Exercise on a regular basis can enhance the flow of oxygen to the brain. Oxygenated brain cells function better than cells deprived of oxygen.


  •         Do not stop learning new things – If you want to keep your brain active, then you should never stop learning. The brain is like a machine. You need to use it more often to make it better as time passes by. Learning does not mean you have to enroll in an educational institution. Learning can be done in many ways such as learning new skills, pursuing a hobby, or reading on a regular basis. Anything that can help improve your memory and make you a better person is a form of learning.


  •         Sleep – a person should have at least six hours of sleep in a day. Getting adequate sleep is a must because it keeps the body healthy, improves the functions of the brain, and relaxes the nerves and muscles. Sleep is the body’s way of recuperating from stress.
  •         Engage in fun-filled and educational activities – Activities that stimulate the brain are not only fun but educational too. Some of them include:


o   Crossword puzzles – This game helps improve your vocabulary. It is a good pastime, especially if you have a lot of idle time. Not to mention, it is also a perfect bonding moment for family and friends.


o   Chess – it is one of the oldest board games which can help sharpen our mind. This game needs knowledge, logic, and intelligence. That is why it is tagged as the board game for smart people.


o   Sudoku – It is a mathematical game, but you don’t necessarily need to be a math genius.

Over time, Sudoku can improve your thinking ability.


Paying attention to your mental health is a must. Your body gets old as time passes by. The functioning of the brain may deteriorate with time but if you nourish and sharpen it, then you will remain brilliant. Mental health is all about doing something good for your brain.

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